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The Lawrence Family

Charitable Endowment

The Lawrence Family Charitable Endowment supports a range of initiatives directed toward the common good including higher education, youth leadership, entrepreneurship, historic preservation, and responsible citizenship.  Of particular interest are organizations whose guiding principles embody the core values of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion as they may be embraced by any faith, people, or community.

The Endowment was established in 2006 by Pacific Financial Group founder Gary M. Lawrence and his wife Katherine L. Lawrence, and primarily supports established programs with a documented record of success. However, we also consider start-up or concept programs where the applicant has identified achievable results, has a clear strategic plan to succeed in its mission, and can independently sustain its activities over time.

For more information about The Lawrence Family Charitable Endowment, please contact the Endowment’s co-director Katherine Lawrence at

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